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Documents required for the application of a new home loan.

Salaried applicants

    • Latest 3 months’ payslips (income to be verified against bank account)
    • If in receipt of allowances or variable pay, then 6 months’ latest payslips are required
    • Detailed Income and Expenditure statement, signed by applicant(s)
    • Latest 3 months’ bank statements, stamped by the bank- not internet statements
    • If in receipt of variable income, then 6 months’ latest statements will be required
    • Statement of Assets and Liabilities
    • If applicant is not a SA citizen, copy of residence and work permits
    • Rental contracts in respect of rental income to be used in affordability assessment
    • Identity document(s)

Self-employed applicants

    • Comparative financials covering a period of 2 years
    • Letter from and accredited auditor confirming personal income
    • If financials are more than 6 months old, then up-to-date, signed management accounts are required
    • Cash flow forecast for ensuing twelve months
    • Personal statement of Assets and Liabilities
    • Personal & business bank statements
    • IT34
    • Company/CC/Trust –statutory documents
    • Identity document(s) of directors/members/Trustees