Buying your first home can prove to be quite a daunting task but we have compiled a few easy steps to assist.
1. Calculate and assess your affordability

Simply use our bond calculator and enter your gross monthly household salary, insert your expenses and this, in turn, will give you the amount you qualify for, as well as what the monthly repayment amount would be.

2. Agree on a location

The location is very important, as it will determine the price and the future growth of your home. It is also wise to know the reputation of the area, the proximity from schools, shops and other amenities.

3. Signing the offer to purchase

Once you have agreed on a property the buying process commences. Once you have made an offer and the seller accepts the offer you will enter into a legal and binding contract called the OTP (offer to purchase). Make sure that you understand all the clauses pertaining to the offer to purchase as well as the timeline stipulated therein.

4. Applying for bond finance

This is the easy part. Simply follow the list of documentation required and forward it to us. We will assist you from start to finish in securing the best deal at the best rate for you, absolutely free. Using IMortgage to process your bond application guarantees you the following:

  • No obligation
  • No cost
  • Expertise and specialized knowledge
  • Cost and time saving
  • Convenience
  • Faster approval
  • Secure approvals
  • Best interest rates
  • Problem escalation
  • Best service and independent advice
  • 80% of all bonds are secured through us

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