Kim Goodwin

Sales Manager

Kim’s experience and expertise makes I Mortgage an Industry Leader. She has an Executive Senior Management Diploma from the University of Stellenbosch Business School and has received numerous Leadership and Performance Awards during her career. She gained her experience over many years at Standard Bank, managing Sales Teams at Provincial level and specializing in End-User Finance, Developments and The Affordable Housing Sector, where she represented Standard Bank at Local Government Level. She also managed the Residential, Commercial and Mother Bond Finance Property Portfolios at Standard Bank. In 2006 she took up the challenge to head up a Regional Portfolio for Bond Choice where she gained extensive knowledge of the Origination Industry. Her vast knowledge of banking systems and the origination industry is invaluable to the team and will add great value to our clients. Her passion and commitment lies in sharing I Mortgage’s vision of helping more and more South Africans to own their own homes and to contribute in making I Mortgage the number 1 household name when it comes to buying property.


Lorna Magnussen

Bond Origination Specialist

Lorna has more than 25 years service within the Financial and Bond Origination Industry and 13 years of experience at I Mortgage. She prides herself in offering clients the best service and advice, always going the extra mile to ensure that the clients get the best possible offer. She is passionate about ensuring that her clients’ dreams are fulfilled by being able to own their dream home. Lorna’s knowledge and competency in structuring a bond application is a unique strength.


Melinda Watkins

Bond Origination Specialist

Melinda’s career started with SA Home Loans in 2008 as a bond originator and she has since done origination with numerous service providers where she has gained a lot of experience within the bond origination industry. Melinda’s strength lies within being able to identify the clients’ financial and emotional needs by listening to their financial background and linking their needs to the credit matrix. She communicates effectively with the clients, informing them of the full process throughout the bond process, giving the client peace of mind. She prides herself in delivering excellent customer service.